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Wukai Mao‘s deeds
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Leaders, comrades!
    Hello! I Xiuying District, Haikou Yongxing Town, village Ru Wu Yongde village, back in high school to interest on agriculture, where in 1984 I accepted the fruit of copper Chang professional elementary education teacher in 1985 after graduating from high school to seek The Way to Wealth I have to try to grow a variety of cash crops such as coffee, pepper, papaya, guava, pineapple, orange, yellow, sapodilla, etc., but always felt wrong, because the bulk of Yongxing farm income has always been to from litchi, since ancient times, "Thunder Tiger Lychee - Lychee dyed three," the name allusions (Thunder Tiger is the ancient name of the town, Yongxing, three sets to the ancient road, state units, county-level units of government), why not based on local resources in order to make money, litchi it? Since 1987, I began to pay close attention to market conditions litchi, litchi varieties of the market and prices began to sensitive varieties to look for market positioning, 1988, driven by the dream to the University, I once again take the exam tutorial, but the end result of poor foundation, academic performance imbalance can not do so. Under the extreme thick despair, out of the romantic and young people in a small effort, thought to broaden our horizons, exercise will, in early February 1989 bike trip around the island, starting from the middle east, travel west line to come back completely bypass Island, the mountains and rivers in 18 counties. Through this one-month trip around the island, miraculously changed my destiny was, people calm down from the impetuous, General more persistent, which began a 20-year-old native of Hainan litchi germplasm collection Screening and cultivation of the career.
    Haikou Yongxing Town, Stone Town, Saddle Ridge Lei Huling to radiation from the Yangshan volcanoes region, dozens of plants growing in a few acres Litchi forest, species complex, almost no one the same, the gap between the merits of varieties great. May 1989 I was Pei-Yuan Yuan, Guangdong Institute of Fruit Inspirations of professional teachers, in order to determine the market price of litchi-oriented, civil investigation of the special investigation methods of combining areas of a few acres on the Yangshan dozens of forest plants for Litchi comprehensive diagnostic investigation, and then collected by asexual reproduction of culture and after many years of observation, to bad elitist, highly selected commercial value of several types of superior plant varieties, such as large fruit: beef heart Lai, toads red, Lai goose and so on. Focal nuclear non-nuclear type: Yulin large cloves, South Island nuclear Lai, Yu Tung small clove, Bo Xiang Li and so on. Honey Flavor: The new ball honey Lai, Thunder Tiger Honey, Rose Honey, Honey Tan Yu Lai and so on. Color type: Peel Li, Lai yellow, white Lai, Lai and other pig. These outstanding varieties of litchi from the main body of Yangshan volcano volcanoes region Lei Huling, so collectively the Thunder Tiger litchi quality. As for the local rescue and Litchi mining rare species in Hainan Province to make a positive contribution of resources for the development of Hainan, local litchi varieties of commodity production and to find a direction. Hainan litchi germplasm known private collector, Hainan "Lich King", "Tu Zhuanjia." Has written "proof of Hainan litchi development", "Hainan litchi cultivation management technology", "Report on the South Island's Seedless", "lychee manage the amount of common pesticides, use the corresponding table" to the farmers, between households in the boot and reference.
    Rely on the original two acres more "rare varieties of litchi female garden", to "a single spark can wind of the original" purpose in the litchi industry reputation. Hainan litchi promote local development of rare species, directly or indirectly, an area of ​​50,000 acres of radiation, technical help three thousand households, local lychee Hainan basis of commodity production. For farmers to open up a new way to get rich. In 1996 the Central Communist Youth League, the National Science and Technology Commission awarded me as the "leader of the National Youth Spark model," the honorary title; Qiongshan City in 2002 was granted in the "hard-working families get rich" title; 2005 "Seedless types of Hainan to maintain and promote "project granted by the Office of Science and Technology of Hainan," third place "in 2006 was named" the province's top ten science and technology in rural prosperity capable "," leaders of the province's rural rich, "the honorary title; lychee farm in 2006 a large electronic Competition; Xiuying District 2007 Lychee Culture Festival were the first won the "Lich King" title; Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic in 2006 awarded the "get rich satellite technology capable," the honorary title; in 2007 won the "National Green off households" title; 2008 Municipal CPC Haikou, Haikou Municipal People's Government awarded the "top-notch professional and technical personnel of Haikou City" title. Too many people may think that honor easily, but I think the honor with the formation of sweat and time. For example: the promotion of a variety of needs from collection to two stages, about four or five years of cultivation observation, one can see two to three years planting varieties of quality; the second is four to five years to see the stability of species and high resistance, on this basis in order to reproduce the scale of the promotion, breeding blindly promote their jobs only to drop it, I have learned from the practice to not have the patience and perseverance will accomplish nothing, but patience and perseverance are the interest and the pursuit of result, the final analysis, sweat and time to pay, so each variety of sweet litchi time there have been repeated sweat and temper.
    In order to Hainan local lychee "Thunder Tiger litchi quality" of development, promoting regional industrial economy by brand, according to Thunder Tiger (Yongxing) litchi geographical, geological specificity (through the formation of stones in rich volcanic eruptions and other trace mineral selenium, produced crops, have anti-cancer, eye protection function) and the historical and cultural significance, in 2003 registered the "Thunder Tiger" trademark registered in 2006, "Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. Haikou Thunder Tiger" by planting a combination of production and marketing has made certain economic and social benefits, packaging equipment constantly updated with more product knowledge into the culture and corporate brand culture, as Yangshan district has set a market awareness brand lychee, litchi Thunder Tiger will go further. There are "Thunder Tiger lychee" Two Poems by Thunder Tiger release described the corporate culture of litchi

"Thunder Tiger ○ R litchi"
Wu Kaimao
(A) (b)
Thunder Tiger Yulin Li amazing, red volcanic thunder and lightning,
Jade Lake Austronesian different new ball. Tigers Yuanti things moving.
Purple Heart Mother Goose beef special, Lai raw soil rich in selenium,
Thunder Tiger Li dyed three branches. Zhiwanguohong universal song.
Achievements are hard won, score through the honor to confirm, through the entity to highlight the honor, in 2008 was elected the fourth, Hainan Province People's Congress, the 2008 Beijing Olympics torch; 2009 "Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. Haikou Thunder Tiger" is the sea Xiuying District designated wealthy and strong implementation of the national science and technology zone "Seedless" project, responsible for the standardized production of technical specification Seedless writing and filming, production standardization Seedless technical specification of the DVD disc production, so farmers are able to understand, die by. To meet the guide-agricultural market access system for standardized production of agricultural products by fruit farmers, the agricultural safety standard incorporated into the routine management of production, so that the producers feel at ease, so consumer confidence. In order to enter the domestic and international organic food market is more high-end, I'm trying to organic litchi production, according to standard procedures of organic production of agricultural products. Erection of a protective zone, insect nets, application of organic fertilizers, bio-pesticides, pest control lights, invincible control, such as odor lure. 2009 had passed through the conversion of organic food production and certification of litchi. I firmly believe that only if we seriously work together, things would be better recognized is the end! I wish you peace, joy! .

May 1, 2010

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