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Cultivation Techniques Seedless
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Rootstock Seedless shoots a cultivation technology
There is generally no affinity problem species, such as a large lilac, purple Niang hi, beef heart Lai, Yu-Lai Tan and other honey, fresh and full of random collection of litchi cultivation rootstock seedlings, their grafting affinity are very good, except the South Island, rare in the world Seedless, there grafting affinity problem. Therefore, since 1993, through continuous testing and comparing, searching for the pro Seedless in the South Island and rootstock varieties, after 5 to 6 years of efforts, and the South Island in 1999 found that the most affinity for nuclear Lai Chi Wai litchi varieties. Li finally broke past a nuclear-free South Island secondary double grafting rootstock seedlings limitations, thereby increasing the speed to promote and market visibility.
Second scion processing
How Seedless scions to standardize how the scion scissor, first, tops, and started sprouting 2 - 3 cm, when it should erase, and then wait for it again a second time when the young shoots, like this long, about 2-3 cm can get a scion. Also in the branch or spiral ringing on ringing knife, the accumulation of photosynthetic products better, fuller more standard scion, grafted into a higher energy. Second, is the scion scissor after scissor through the result mother, scion to the treatment to cut the base of the petiole, do not stay too long, worm spot to scrape. Scion diameter as large as or slightly smaller chopsticks that you can, probably from 0.6 to 0.8 centimeters or so. After cutting the scion, were moderately clean, and hold with wet towels wrapped, towel moisture is able to drip out of the water. Scion package to extend the vitality of about 5 days, but the best is that mining is connected.
Grafting and bagging three technology
1 How Seedless grafted it? First, grafting knife must be sharp, sharp curettage to be able to hand the extent of hair. Selected according to the size of rootstock scion of granularity, then cut rootstock, smooth surface in the rootstock cut back 45 degrees. Then cut scion, scion smooth surface in 45-degree back cut, then cut back to the scion of the interface to form a smooth surface layer, then cut in the rootstock of the smooth surface of the interface to form a layer, align the two side of the formation of the interface layer bandage . Dress is from top to bottom and from bottom-up packet interface packet scion, to prevent rainwater infiltration, influence survival. Fasten the bottom of the last in the interface. No less than the rain after grafting, the normal climatic conditions can be 7 to 10 days to grow shoots. In order to improve the survival rate of grafting, must be promptly wiped rootstock bud, about 3 to 4 times to wipe.
2, after mature leaves of grafted from the earth to how to handle the bags? Long cut off the root, the root as much as possible stay in the capillary to facilitate bagging; cut off the excess leaves, reduce evaporation surface, leaving about one-fifth of the leaves, so that can ensure survival. Corner of the nursery bags when bagging compaction, determined to see the length of rhizosphere loading soil bags at the end of the volume, generally installed one-third to one half less, and then grafted into the pocket of soil compaction righting Adds to move to the shade seedlings root water can be poured.
Four bars and bagging techniques
1 How to choose the materials used for layering of branches it? Coconut husk is a good high-altitude pressure of the material, the coconut husk and ash mixed at the ratio of 10:3, and then from 1000 to 1500 times the root with a good layering of water added to induce root material, the humidity is appropriate in order to squeeze a little bit of water . Pressure of the general election from 1.5 to 2 cm thick branches, up from the bifurcation point at 2-3 cm under the corresponding ringing the mouth upward from 2.5 to 3 cm counterparts ringing catchy, and then use the pincers between the upper and lower mouth peeling, scrape the formation of layers can be 7 to 10 days to dry packing parcels. Multiplied by 30 cm by 25 cm pieces of film, stripping mouth in a big circle below the quartet built a fist, with a rope fastened turned upward to form pocket, waterproof sub-leakage, then packed inside compaction secured.
2 about 3 months or so, when the roots can grow to the next white seedlings brown bagging. Pressure of the grafted seedling bags and bagging is similar, the same surface to reduce evaporation, leaving one fifth of the leaves, gently removed, the knife cut film, and then move to the shade watering bag.
Five plant technology
Plant to choose to marry a smooth interface, good affinity for seedlings, how to plant it? The depth of the first degree of gestures to pit, do not seed too deep so as not to affect the growth, in the bag at the bottom of the cross-cut up two-thirds of 1 cm circle, ripping bags at the end, the seedlings gently into the hole of the CIA from bag end up cutting knife, and slowly peeled off film, higher than the seedlings at the base of buried 2-3 cm, the seedlings as the center of a 60 diameter Efficiency in Tobacco Fields, pouring 15 to 20 kg of water given root, and finally covered with leaves or straw This drought, the first 7 to 10 days leaching water can not only save labor and ensure survival.
Paul VI tip technology
The results from the grafted seedlings planted, pruned from the results of training result mother and then to the general circulation by "a little two-medicine" technology. Young shoots grow to about 5 cm to spray once, separated by 10 days, then sprayed once, you can shoot to protect the purpose of pest control. Dulwich Music Foliar leaf finish can be maintained; seal damage can prevent bugs and other pests Xiang beetle; new Section insecticide can kill mites; fungicides to prevent and prevent leaf disease. Dispensing as follows: 15 kg barrels a drug with a new Section 5 ml of water, seal damage 10 ml, 20 ml of fertilizer, fungicides, 10-15 grams, can be sprayed after mixing. Spraying process should be uniform, inside and outside the spray, humidity, dripping water in leaves is appropriate.
Seven control of shoot and flower technology
Why should control of shoot? Shoot and promoting flower controls What is the relationship? Tip is to control the accumulation of carbohydrates, carbohydrates accumulated to a certain extent in the next period of time to wait for dry weather, low-temperature conditions in order to make flower buds. Shoot generally taken control of three treatment methods (1) the end of October early November after the leaves turn green before germination, with paclobutrazol 20-30 g, 5-7 ml ethylene profit increase of 15 kg of water, or control of shoot and flower spirit 30 grams with 15 kg of water, stir until leaves drip spray is appropriate. To be budding into 2-3 cm duly Girdling or spiral girdling knife, you can easily into flower. (2) the end of October early November a young shoots 6-8 cm or so, when the leaves have not started with a shoot to kill the king (phytochrome) a packet with 15-20 kg of water kill the terminal bud about 15-20 days and then germinated When moderate or spiral girdling girdling knife. Flowering can also be easy. (3) by the end of October early November Large trees have fully expanded leaves or leaves Nenhong pale green, then use the fertilizer (amino acids or nucleotides) of 20 ml with 15 kg of water to urge him to mature. Buds began to sprout to be suitably girdling knife, also easy to flower. Approach to regulation by three after the end of November to mid January next year to keep a green orchard, and flower is to achieve the ultimate success.
Eight sparse pollination techniques
1 Why flower thinning? Because of excessive nutrient consumption spending too much, if not timely flower thinning often leads to the phenomenon of flowers no fruit or fruit growth severe fruit drop, flower thinning the critical period of male or female flowers open 1-2 when flowers, flowers On no more than 10% of the total completed. Therefore, the thinning is directly related to flower and fruit, like a section of Seedless two horns of gold, leaving only the flowers, taking into account the origin of Yangshan District Yongxing old litchi, more serious pest, can adopt a more flexible flower thinning method, female flowers open before the spikes at the base from a half to catch up for the interception, or a part of the excess cut off. After flowering by thinning the tree nutrient balance can supply, will not spend excessive consumption of too much imbalance caused by nutrient supply. In order to increase the accumulation of photosynthesis, inhibition of root growth and improve fruit set rate, ringing in the branches or girdling knife on a spiral.
2 flowering when it came to rolling rainy days, pollen can not dissipate into the atmosphere, wind-pollinated pollination does not work, insects, bees can not access, in this case must be taken to artificial pollination, pollination method is to use a clean wet towel tied to a pole , the spikes of flowers in Shengkai Xiong drag sweep back and forth until a clear pink towel on the yellow and goods, washing it to the prepared in 15 kg of water, poured through the filter clean sprayer, and then was aimed at ordinary style female flowers in full bloom colors white uniform spray to drip appropriate.
Nine and Fruit Technology
Flower and fruit thinning prerequisite for the general female flowers open after the ringing or spiral girdling and fruit, its mechanism is to increase the photosynthetic accumulation, inhibit root growth, vegetative growth and reproduction in order to achieve balanced growth, the ultimate aim to improve fruit set . Ringing or spiral girdling the branch on the first or second class. Ringing depth of feeling the hand of hard subject, spiral girdling in order to achieve the formation of layers and see a little white prevail. Girdling and fruit be effective for 20 days, the results of the general ringing three times: a cut after flower, the fruit before cutting knife, a cut in the early red County; spiral girdling the result can be played on general insurance The role of fruit, if it is early in November the previous year to 12 spiral girdling and flower early May has been closed and convex edge, a knife to flatten in time, beginning to edge in red below the pedicle screw ringing knife. These are well-established measures of physical and fruits, such as to produce organic lychee, with the use of organic fertilizer and bio-pesticides, we can achieve a good effect of the double and fruit, more high-end market requirements for organic production of fruits .
Ten fruits and vegetables Technology
How Seedless fruits and vegetables it? Generally grow to be small fruit size to thumb size peanuts before, you can be fruits and vegetables. Sparse too slow enlargement will affect the fruit, resulting in stunted, shriveled fruit and more expansion of the drum circle in the flesh Shiyou difficult to distinguish a nuclear or nuclear-free, it must be promptly fruits and vegetables. The first step, we must first remove a nut, but how to identify a nuclear fruit it? From appearance, the feel, there are stone fruit is relatively large, round ass side, feel slightly harder; no stone fruit with a relatively flat shape, flat bottom fold, feel soft, tapping a drum sound. The second step, remove the abnormal fruit: Spreading branches twisted, three fruit Bingdi, sis to abnormal fruits. The third step is to stay in a double-fruit two to three pairs of fruit, fruit unparalleled leave 4-6 fruits, cut off the extra ear.
Picking and Storage Technology XI
10 o'clock in the morning picking generally carried out before, why should the 10 o'clock before picking it? Sleep through the night because of litchi cool, light and heat absorbed during the day temperature of the basic dissipated easily in such circumstances picking fresh, natural classification specification packaging, not by cold nor heat deterioration, suitable for air transport, which is a relatively simple picking packing and fast shipping methods, the fruit most consumers. Also, after picking through the cleaning and cold sterilization treatment and then graded and packed in bubble film bag inside the cover, the bottom of the holes and put a thin layer of ice bottle sponge, then fill the box specifications lychee, truss film bag, with two water sponge covered with tightly closed, clear plastic can be sealed, so that at room temperature for short-haul transport and refrigerated trucks. In addition, fumigation fresh and frozen processing technology, different countries and regions for export requirements, and the use of a special processing method.
After the second pruning and fruit picking retraction technology
After a year of pruning and fruit picking retraction extremely important, why? If you do not cut and retracted through the orchard can not be ventilated and scientific light, there is no ideal commodity production and brightly colored fruit, the value will not increase output per mu. 1 does not cover the results of the tree line, and open a window to light way to cut, light cut the lead down to 5-6 cm branches at the cut and balanced cutting into the round-type crown to crown center opened 50-60 cm diameter skylight , both ventilation and lighting can reduce the occurrence of disease. 2 the results of the tree line near the sealed, heavy pruning should be appropriate, the condition that the young shoots to grow 10 cm, so have the ability to extract heavy pruning after the young shoots, otherwise it will result in weak trees. Relatively heavy pruning cut deeper than the individual non-standard pressure of the top branches and twigs, can be re-cut to leave no leaf, but the general requirements to keep one third of the leaf canopy, the cover-line according to different situations can be round or oval Xiu type of crown, leaving exposed roof covered with leaves and branches, in order to avoid exposure cracked skin, normal recovery of the tree. This tree framework, training will shoot out of the coming year and lay a good foundation for high yield. 3 Yu-tree orchard closed too, to take strain triangle rotation every line method or the whole plant to retract half of dwarf retraction dwarf rotation method, so that the structure and tree orchards framework will not affect the yield but also a scientific dwarf management, but also facilitate the operation of machinery of modern application of the orchard. Rotation of the technology retraction retraction are heavy pruning should be to protect the branches, to prevent exposure cracked skin, normal recovery of tree vigor.
Thirteen large transplanting techniques Lychee
Sometimes the need for large seedlings potted plant or moved to other places, such as direct transplant is not easy to survive. Adopted technology to handle it? 1 moved to the tree leaves to mature and grow 5-6 cm buds, and then take off the buds. 2 from a tree ring radius thirty-five cm clarify roots, to 15-35 cm from a tree at the root of all cross-cut, leaving only the main root, and then back to the soil cover, irrigation with 1000-1500 times the roots develop new root water washout . 3 can be moved to about three months to grow from a tree ring radius of 30 cm, root out and cut the main root, be careful to protect the new root, then cut four-fifths of the leaf canopy, to reduce evaporation surface. Pits dug 4 righting shift moved back to earth, splashing irrigation water given root root 100 pounds. Sub-branches covered with leaves and then covered with canopy shade net to prevent the sun, prolonged sun exposure.

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